Meet the Owners

Todd and Becky Keenan have become one of the strongest management teams in the business.

Their love and passion for the business is a strong part of their marriage and their way of life.

Todd and Becky are two of the best at what they do and a new set of eyes on the future, ready for all you might hand them... and more!


In June of 2008, the Keenans purchased Royal West from Reed Williams, and in January 2009 Reed and Julie Williams announced their contracts with Todd and Becky Keenan to also purchase Inland Empire Shows, Inc. Todd and Becky are as excited as the Williamses are about this opportunity.

Who would have thought a chance meeting with Reed Williams 20 years ago about two carnival food wagons for sale by Williams would eventually become ownership of Royal West Amusements, Inc., and Inland Empire Shows, Inc.? Becky now manages all of the food and games with Royal.

Becky's family, the Barnes, have been long-time friends of the Williamses, and in November of 2004 Todd Keenan and Becky Barnes wed in Las Vegas during the IAFE Convention. The Keenans spend their winter months residing at their family farm in Idaho.

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